Buy Bitcoin safely

The first step into the Bitcoin world begins with the first Bitcoin purchase. Selecting the right provider is crucial for a safe start. In the following overview, we present a carefully curated list of reputable platforms that enable uncomplicated and easy Bitcoin purchases.


21bitcoin offers a simple and uncomplicated way to set up a Bitcoin savings plan. Automatic transfers to your own wallet address enable secure non-custodial use. With Code Seedor you buy Bitcoin at low fees of 0.79%.

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The Swiss provider Pocket automatically transfers your bank transfers into Bitcoin and sends them directly to your own Bitcoin wallet. No user account, no registration, directly from your online banking to your Bitcoin cold storage.

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Coinfinity is Austria's oldest Bitcoin broker and has set itself the goal of making Bitcoin more accessible to people. In addition to the platform for buying and selling Bitcoin, Coinfinity also operates a Bitcoin ATM network and is also considered a contact point for companies that want to invest in Bitcoin.

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The Zurich-based provider sees Bitcoin as a savings technology and makes it incredibly easy to buy Bitcoin directly into your own wallet.
Bittr allows you to save money that increases in value over time, providing financial security and peace of mind for you and your family.
The process is simple and transparent - you don't even need to register.

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If you don't already invest in Bitcoin on a regular basis, Swan offers an easy way to save Bitcoin. With low fees, automatic savings plans, the option for instant purchases and, above all, free withdrawals.

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