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Safe handling of Bitcoin requires more than just a good recovery seed backup. We are proud to work with some well-known companies from the Bitcoin ecosystem that we can recommend to you with a clear conscience.


Buy Bitcoin or save regularly without registering - no problem with the Swiss Relai app. The special thing is that the Relai app is based on a non-custodial wallet. This gives you full control (and responsibility) over your Bitcoin. Psst - with the code "seedor" you pay 0.5% less transaction fees.

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The Swiss hardware wallet Bitbox02 allows you to create your Bitcoin recovery seeds in a user-friendly and secure manner. The software is open-source and enables secure multisig. And the best thing - the Bitbox02 is also available in our shop in a bundle with the Seedor Starter Set.

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Coinfinity is Austria's oldest Bitcoin broker and has set itself the goal of making Bitcoin more accessible to people. In addition to the platform for buying and selling Bitcoin, Coinfinity also operates a Bitcoin ATM network and is also considered a contact point for companies that want to invest in Bitcoin.

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Salt'n Daisy

Can be found at many Bitcoin events and is always a pleasure. We believe that you should also spend your Bitcoin. This is possible, for example, in the Salt'n Daisy online shop.

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The new entrance gate to the Bitcoin world. Terahash has set itself the task of building a platform for educational and consulting services, talent and speaker placement. The in-house Energy Lab also deals intensively with the topic of Bitcoin mining.

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