What is the Seedor Safe and what advantages does it offer?

The Seedor Safe allows you to safely and permanently store Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by storing your recovery seeds in solid stainless steel. With the help of the starter set, you can discreetly and independently emboss your seed into solid stainless steel discs and then store it safely in the Seedor Safe yourself.

What is a recovery seed and where do I get it?

In Bitcoin, a "recovery seed" or "seed" for short is nothing more than a list of words in a specific order that contains all the information needed to recover your wallet. The recovery seed is usually generated automatically when using a hardware wallet (e.g. Ledger, Trezor or Bitbox) and consists of a sequence of 12-24 words.

What material is the Seedor Safe made of?

All elements of the Seedor safe are made from the finest V4A stainless steel (AISI 316L or 1.4404). In order to exclude contact corrosion, care is taken to ensure that all elements are manufactured with exactly the same alloy.

How many letters fit on the discs?

Each disc has space for up to 8 letters and 2 numbers. The words of the recovery seed can thus be imprinted on the discs in full length.

How many discs fit in the Seedor Safe?

By installing 12 to 24 disks, there is still enough space in the Seedor Safe so that the recovery seed can be read without loosening the nut. Theoretically, up to 40 discs can fit in the Seedor Safe. However, to avoid confusion, we recommend only storing one seed in a safe.

What is the best surface to emboss my seed on?

The best embossing result can be achieved on a solid, hard surface (e.g. workbench, solid parasol stand or simply stone floor). We advise against embossing on brittle surfaces such as tiles or granite floors.

How is shipping carried out?

We send all shipments with DHL. For additional anonymity, you can also have your shipment sent to a packing station.